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Colorado (Denver, Castle Rock, Colorado Springs, Englewood, Lone Tree, Boulder, Breckenridge) 83.7%
Outside of Colorado 8.2%
Other 8.2%


(Denver, Castle Rock, Colorado Springs, Englewood, Lone Tree, Boulder, Breckenridge)


Outside of Colorado





"The instructors are amazing! The make you feel welcomed and they know you’re there b/c you want to learn. They are all very knowledgeable and confident. They are also very humble and have admitted past mistakes. I really enjoyed injecting with them. You feel safe knowing they aren’t going to let you mess up. They are there to help you be successful.

Brittany, BSN RN Class: Level 1 1-Day Student

The expertise of all the instructors and their enthusiasm for the art of injecting. I also think it was helpful to learn from the instructors each of their individual techniques and how they varied.

Gabrielle, RN Class: Level 1 1-Day Student

The combination of power point, discussion, quizzing, and live demo was very balanced and spoke to all types of learning needs and abilities. It also felt like a safe space for all.

Nadia, RN

This course was engaging and hands-on more so than any other CME or training course I have participated in. The trainers are extremely knowledgeable and I love that the focus of this course is anatomy.

Macy, PA

"CATI is an exceptional program lead by Dr. Buford and Lauren. It is a very comfortable place to newly learn about facial injectables or to reinforce your knowledge. I was confident that all the educational information and instruction was accurate and best practice, and I would recommend this class to anyone! "

Kristin, RN

CORE stands for Concise, Organized, Real World, Educated and I think those words accurately describe this course! The material was presented in a thoughtful and efficient way. The instructors were skilled in not only their practice but their teaching, too. If you want to gain incredible knowledge for a beginner level course this one will help you achieve that goal!

Gabrielle, RN

"Core Aesthetics Training goes above and beyond the scope of training compared to other introductory injectables courses by providing a depth of material and individualized feedback that is not offered elsewhere. The personalized training offered from small class size is impossible to find in other courses and ultimately achieves the desired result of turning out more prepared and better injectors. I highly recommend the course to anyone who is considering a position or already works in the aesthetics industry.

Macy, PA

This course was very well-balanced with all of the information delivered. It is so clear that the trainers have a passion for their work and are truly top-notch “artists” in their field. I would definitely take this course again!"

Nadia, RN
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