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Level 2: Specialty Injectables Training - Power of the Pout

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In Level 2, experienced injectors will build on the foundation set during our Level 1 or RSG course.
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Join renowned medical aesthetic injector, Lauren Mitschrich PA-C, a top 100 professional in the field, for an exclusive and transformative experience in our Power of the Pout Lip Injection Course. This course is designed to empower experienced injectors and take their skills to new heights, building upon the foundation established in our Level 1 or RSG course.

In Level 2, participants will embark on a comprehensive full-day journey focused on the artistry of lip enhancement and the lower face. Elevate your expertise as we delve deeper into perfecting the art of delivering those flawless lips. Furthermore, this course significantly emphasizes understanding the intricate anatomy of the surrounding areas, including the nasolabial folds, chin, chin shadow, marionette lines, and more.

We offer two distinct options to suit your learning needs. Injector participants will have the extraordinary opportunity to actively apply the newly acquired techniques on models under the expert guidance of our trainers. This hands-on approach ensures a practical and immersive learning experience, enabling you to refine your skills in real time.

For those seeking a comprehensive understanding without performing injections, we offer an observer option. As an observer, you will have unrestricted access to the course, allowing you to absorb valuable knowledge and insights from expert instruction and live demonstrations. While you won’t treat patients during the course, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of the techniques and principles covered, making it an enriching experience.

Don’t miss your chance to elevate your expertise in lip injections and master the art of enhancing beauty. Enroll in our Power of the Pout Lip Injection Course today and unlock a world of possibilities in medical aesthetics.

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What is covered during this Level 2 specialty training?
This one-day lip and lower face training refines the skills of the experienced injector to deliver even better results for your patients. The course covers anatomy, tissue type, physiology, strategy, patient selection, product choice, and injection techniques. We will also discuss the full portfolio of dermal fillers used to deliver these results. The course is split into a didactic and hands-on portion, where we will together prepare and treat patients in our clinic. See the curriculum for a more detailed description of what we will cover.
Who can participate in this training?
This advanced training is only available to certified medical professionals, including nurses, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, physicians, and dentists with prior experience injecting. To participate in the live injection portion of the course, all medical professionals must be licensed to treat patients in the state of Colorado. If you are not licensed in Colorado, you may attend the course as an observer but will be unable to treat patients.
What type of experience is required to participate in this course?
This training is available to injectors with at least one full year of injection experience OR previous students of our Level 1 and RSG courses currently employed as an aesthetic injector. When students apply for this course, we will ask for specific details about their type of experience to be sure this course is a good fit.
How many students attend each course?
Right now, we believe that our small class size and high trainer-to-student ratio provide you with a learning opportunity far superior to many of our competitors. This course is currently limited to eight students with at least two expert trainers per course.
What can I expect during the training?
The course will begin at 8:00 AM and likely conclude around 5:00 PM, though the end time does vary based on the total number of models being treated. Lunch and several coffee/tea breaks will be provided. See the curriculum for a more detailed description of what the day looks like.
Do I inject patients during this training?
Yes. The hands-on portion of this course includes live injections. We believe the complete start-to-finish treatment of a patient is an integral part of advanced injectables training. Both the trainers and the students will consult, prepare, and treat their own individual patients during this course. Our expert injector trainers will personally guide you throughout the entire process.
Do students need to bring their own models?
No. CATI will source models that are comfortable and aware that our students are learning to inject. In addition, we will pre-screen all models to ensure they are good candidates for the course. Students can also request to treat specific models connected with our model portal. This is not necessary, but it is encouraged. Treating a familiar face provides the student with a different degree of comfort when performing these procedures for the first time. To submit a model of your own, please have your model email [email protected] and mention your name to be placed and considered as your model.
Are group discounts available?
Yes. Ask about our group discounts on the Contact Us page.

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