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Aesthetics Fellowship

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Now accepting applications for 2023

Gregory Buford MD, Lauren Voss Mitschrich, PA-C, Lauren Hilton RN

31 Students enrolled
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The CATI Aesthetic Fellowship was designed to solve the biggest roadblock that most new injectors face: lack of experience. The competitive aesthetic industry usually requires experience to gain employment, while new injectors have little. This valuable opportunity provides new injectors with hands-on experience and a weekly focused curriculum designed specifically to make you the ideal new injector candidate. While spending 12 weeks in the BEAUTY by BUFORD clinic with leading injectors, you will be exposed to all aspects of the role of an aesthetic injector.

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Why should I consider a fellowship?
Today, many health professionals are fighting to break into the aesthetics field. Most roles require a candidate to have experience. This fellowship is designed to do exactly that, provide you with a high-quality experience that will set you apart from other candidates. The fellowship also equips you with a thorough understanding of what is necessary to succeed in the aesthetic field once you land that first role.
What is covered during the fellowship?
The purpose of this experience is to expose our fellow to all aspects of the injector role. He or she will be involved in the daily tasks and elements of the patient experience with our experienced injector team. The paired curriculum designed for our fellowship is broken down into weekly topics that will be discussed during the showing time. At the beginning of your fellowship, we provide you with a manual that guides you through each week and each assignment. There are topic lists, questions, literature to review, text book chapters to review, etc. The goal is to set a very robust foundation and prepare you for your first injector role. See the curriculum for a more detailed description of what we will cover.
Will I have the opportunity to inject patients during my internship?
Yes. Treatment of patients during your internship depends on your level of understanding and the trainer’s comfort level with your injection ability. When we believe you are ready for the treatment of patients, we will assist you in treating your first few patients together. You will source patients, and they will be responsible for paying for their treatment at a heavily discounted rate. If you do well during these first several patients, you may have the opportunity to treat one patient per week under supervision, which will then be scheduled with your trainer.
I have another job; can I still apply for the fellowship?
Yes. All of our candidates have jobs. The schedule for this fellowship is built around your availability and your current employment schedule.
How often are fellowships offered?
We offer three application cycles per year, and fellowships are offered January-April, May-August, and September-December. Applications for each cycle have a deadline of December 1st, April 1st, and August 1st each year.

What are the application requirements?
The only technical requirement for this position is an active medical license (RN, PA, NP, DO, MD, DMD) in the state of Colorado. We ask several questions on the application about you and your goals which we then use to help choose appropriate candidates for an interview. Interviews are offered to the top 3-4 candidates each cycle.
If I applied in the past, can I apply again?
Yes. This position is highly competitive, and we often receive more than 50 applicants per cycle, while we only choose 1-2 fellows per cycle. Just because you were not chosen in a cycle does not prevent you from applying in another cycle.

Does taking a CATI course guarantee me a fellowship spot?
No. It definitely makes you a superior candidate to use, though. To date, we have chosen candidates who have attended our courses before applying to the fellowship.
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