Neurotoxin Presentation


Individual Shadowing


1 Day


$2500 Per Day


13201 NW Freeway Suite 800 Houston TX 77040

Neurotoxin Presentation

Some of the content covered in the training course:

  • History of Neurotoxins
  • Mechanism of action of Neurotoxins
  • Introduction of Neurotoxin Brands
  • Breakdown of Mechanism of action of each different brand of Neurotoxin
  • What areas can be injected with Neurotoxin
  • Muscle anatomy and MOA of each muscle
  • The formation of wrinkles
  • Duration of each Neurotoxin
  • Patient selection/assessment and who is and is not a candidate
  • Precautions/Side effects
  • Reconstitution protocol
  • Calculation of fluid units and how they are divided on the face
  • Every area of the face is broken down into multiple slides of muscle movement, injection technique, and number of units to the specified area
  • Post injection care
  • How to assess and manage adverse effects, complication treatment
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