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CATI Level 1 Student Resources: Pre-Course

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If you are enrolled in our 1-Day Facial Injectables Course, please access your materials here!

Facial Anatomy is one of the essential considerations in Facial Injectables, and we want to ensure you are educated and prepared. We will talk about structural considerations throughout the course, so please take time to go over this and prepare yourselves.  You can access this in our welcome packet!
The Training Pre-Test is something we will ask you to complete and bring with you on Saturday at the course. It is okay not to know all of the answers to this right now. The goal is to compare your knowledge before and after the course, so please make your best guess. This gives an excellent overview of what you will learn throughout the course.
Reconstitution of Toxins: Key is beneficial for remembering calculations when drawing up your toxin for your patient/model. Please review, study and provide yourself with scenarios so you are prepared to do this with your patient.
Lastly, the suggested readings are valuable sources provided by Dr. Buford and Lauren. With so many articles and books out there, this breaks down our favorites. You are not required to read these before the course, but they are provided to you if you want additional study materials.
All students will get access to our post-course resources with more information including available fillers + neurotoxins and more helpful video tips and tricks!
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